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PDF is one of the most used formats today, since it is easy to share, can hold text, images and other elements, may have a high printing quality, and more. Nevertheless, PDF files can be very large, and thus, their easy-sharing quality is lost.

This little and free program allows you to compress PDF files so you can share them easily through the Web, load them to your smartphone, and so on.

The program has a very straightforward interface. You only need to locate the file you want to compress and choose a destination folder. By default, this folder is the same as the source one. You can change the name of the output folder as well.

The program has five compressing options, each with its own properties. The first one is Screen resolution and gives you the lowest resolution level. This is ideal for sharing large files or for loading them on smartphones and portable devices. The others are Ebook, Printer and Prepress, which give a progressively higher resolution level each. The last one is the Default option, which is useful for many standard purposes.

In general, it is a good, easy to use and valuable program. If you work with lots of PDF files, then you may like it and find it useful.

Victor Hernandez
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